Benefits of Motorkote

Metal-to-metal contact in motion generates friction. MOTORKOTE Hyper Lubricant bonds to metal, placing a microscopic layer of lubricant on all metal parts reducing metal-to-metal contact and friction. This reduction in friction provides many benefits. MOTORKOTE will benefit all types of vehicles, tools and equipment with moving parts.

The many benefits of MOTORKOTE include:

Improved Fuel Mileage - Reduced friction and heat results in increased mileage.

By reducing you rolling resistance, you have lowered load resistance. The end result is better fuel mileage. When properly applied, MOTORKOTE has achieved increases in mileage ranging from 4% to over 25% depending on vehicle and road conditions. In every case, MOTORKOTE has improved performance and delivered better mileage making it a smart choice. See chart for fuel savings experienced by different cars and light trucks.


Reduced Heat and Noise - Friction creates drag which produces heat and noise.

Reducing friction reduces drag and noise, which in turn reduce heat. MOTORKOTE uses you base engine oil as a carrier host to saturate every part of your engine. An oil molecule has bumps and ridges creating drag across surfaces. In contrast, the MOTORKOTE molecule is a smooth oval. It provides much less resistance by producing a hyper slick surface condition that changes its drag coefficient, dramatically lowering its friction properties. Since MOTORKOTE does not blend with oil, it does not alter S.A.E. ratings or void warranties.

Reduced Wear - Friction and drag have a very bad side effect called wear. By the time it is discovered, it is often too late.

Reducing friction and heat result in a great benefit reduced wear. MOTORKOTE does not require heat to work and it is constantly re-bonding to always protect from day-to-day wear. MOTORKOTE has been tested under the most strenuous conditions available. It has outperformed leading competitors on the Falex Timken Bearing test and other ASTM certified tests. Antioxidants in Motorkote keep metal parts free from corrosion for the lifetime of the application further reducing wear.

Increased HP and Torque - Reduced friction and heat result in increased horsepower and torque.

In Dynamometer tests, MOTORKOTE consistently achieve increases of horsepower and torque ranging from 7% to 20% with one crankcase application. When added to the transmission, differential and transfer case, the results were even higher. MOTORKOTE is used in all forms of racing from Go-carts, Indy Cars, motorcycles and more.

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